Be hit

Be smart, do the right choice. Hit are the high intelligent tissues that make your life easier at your home, your office, on your vacation, on the beach,when you wait your newborn baby, when you travel by any mean, when you study.

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Intelligent people use intelligent tissues.

HIT (High Intelligent Tissue) is a waterproof furniture fabric with a velvet texture that can not be soiled. No food, drink or any other stain can soil this fabric, because with just a small amount of water HIT cleans immediately. You can find HIT in a wise range of colors at The Fabulous Group’s showroom and in selected furniture stores throughout Greece. Be careful, however, of cheap imitations.

HIT reflects heritage and quality in conjuction with infinite innovation. Change your vision. High quality woven jacquard with fine textures, feature great specifications and a great ability to easy clean. All the above make HIT products the most suitable fit for demanding spaces.

Rubust and elegant. Our new fabric collection present the most complete performance of the industry, offer advanced solutions for the most complicated, commercial and residential, design spaces. Available with extra features on demand. In addition, 9 stars collection, which is part of our technical collection, is the one that combines all features that a product can have. From very special characteristics such as antibacterial and FR protection till easy clean properties, all suitable for even outdoor applications. And we don’t stop here. We work together with our client to bespoke collection, only for them, fitting exactly their needs in terms of quality and exclusive design. Ask us for your custom made solution!